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Thoughts from RISEN

I went to see Risen the other week, pre-judgements in hand. From the trailer it looked like a fresh take, but there are certain things I’ve come to expect from any bible movie – washed out theology, campy dialogue and a Jesus that looks fresh from the salon. Surprisingly, Risen was so good. Though based… Continue reading Thoughts from RISEN

Sexuality · Tara Jane

The secret struggle: Christian women and porn

Christian women are porn consumers too. You might not believe me when I say this. After all, isn’t porn is a man’s battle? Surely Christian women aren’t into that. They’re into crafts, baking, hospitality, floral skirts and catching up over coffee (okay, you should know I’m being completely satirical right now). But if statistics are true, then there… Continue reading The secret struggle: Christian women and porn

Chris Bransdon · Sexuality

We need to talk about sex the way we talk about rape*

I can’t really recall when my parents sat me down for ‘the talk’. Not because it didn’t happen, but probably because I have pushed the event to the furthest corners of my memory. What I could probably guess though, if I managed to move past my youthful mortification at being approached by one of my… Continue reading We need to talk about sex the way we talk about rape*

Alie Benge · Sexuality

Revisiting Rape Culture

“Rape Culture is an environment in which rape is prevalent and in which sexual violence against women is normalized and excused in the media and popular culture. Rape culture is perpetuated through the use of misogynistic language, the objectification of women’s bodies, and the glamorization of sexual violence, thereby creating a society that disregards women’s… Continue reading Revisiting Rape Culture