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Let’s Get Together, Yeah Yeah Yeah

This is a post that’s been going around in my head for an age. I kept writing notes in my book and then not using them because I felt whatever angle I went for, someone would get offended. So I’m throwing caution to the wind and hoping that everyone who reads this will understand that… Continue reading Let’s Get Together, Yeah Yeah Yeah

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On Embracing Doubt, and the Doubter’s Paradox

By Alie Benge A while ago I was waiting for the bus to work, wrapped up in a thousand layers because New Zealand. Nothing was different to any other morning, except for the massive existential crisis taking place in the ol’ brain. It was time for my biennial period of doubt. Doubt is something that… Continue reading On Embracing Doubt, and the Doubter’s Paradox

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On Burning Out and Getting Used

By Alie Benge A guest speaker I’d never met once picked me out of a crowd and told me everything I ever did. From the stage he looked at me and said, ‘You’ve been trying to help people who won’t be helped. This is what you’re doing:’ He said and proceeded to imitate the last four… Continue reading On Burning Out and Getting Used

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Thoughts from RISEN

I went to see Risen the other week, pre-judgements in hand. From the trailer it looked like a fresh take, but there are certain things I’ve come to expect from any bible movie – washed out theology, campy dialogue and a Jesus that looks fresh from the salon. Surprisingly, Risen was so good. Though based… Continue reading Thoughts from RISEN

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Everybody’s Problem

Here in Wellington we have an event every six weeks called the Radical Tea Party, where about 50 or so people get together, drink fair trade tea and talk about different social issues. Last night the topic was on feminism and I was asked to be on the panel. One of the questions given to… Continue reading Everybody’s Problem