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Alie & Tara.

20 something, love Jesus, doing life via the blogosphere.

Contact us: hereinthewaitingroom@gmail.com


Who is In The Waiting Room?

We are twenty somethings who love Jesus and live in a very mixed up world. We feel that while some things are very black and white, others are quite grey and tricky to navigate. We want to be thinking through what it means to follow Jesus in this world without conforming to culture We process thoughts by writing and publish conclusions. That’s what you can expect here.

We originally started this blog with Chris in order to challenge ourselves to evaluate and think theologically. We occasionally have other friends write and share here too. As “iron sharpens iron”, we’re all in the waiting room together figuring out how to and encouraging each other to follow Jesus in our twenties.

Why “In The Waiting Room”?

At my local doctor, the waiting room is full of sick people waiting to see the doctor and get well. Life is a bit like this. This world is sick and we are not as we were created to be. We are waiting for Jesus to return. He has died on the cross and defeated death, and now we live waiting for his return, waiting for him to bring in the Kingdom of God, where there is no decay and where we worship God perfectly. We are In The Waiting Room.


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