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When you’re tempted to sin

By Tara Jane


I’ve been tempted to sin lately.

This is probably not a surprise. Whether it’s thoughts, words, or deeds, I’m sure you’re like me and sometimes we allow the thoughts of sin to dwell. We think that whatever it is, it will provide us with something better. The sin will answer our problems. We find ourselves convinced that this sin might even satisfy us and fill the void we currently have, it is the answer to our desires. Sometimes sin can feel like the last piece of the puzzle, a perfect fit to complete the beautiful picture of the life we want.

But nothing about that is true.

Sin never satisfies because sin does not love you. Sin will always lead you away from Jesus. Nothing that sin tells us is good, is actually good. Sin over-promises and under-delivers. When has my sin ever resulted in something good? When has it ever truly satisfied me?

At the end of my life, what will be more rewarding – to have chased that dream, that fantasy, that temporary satisfaction only to find that it wasn’t all it seemed to be? Or to stand before God, knowing that I resisted sin, knowing that I have been faithful in the face of opposition?

We need to think bigger than ourselves and our circumstances. We need to think eternally in order to conquer the niggling temptations to chase joy, fun, experience, and instant gratification in the things of this earth. At the end of the day, chasing these things is a life spent serving ourselves. Giving in to sin says that we don’t trust that following God is the best way. Choosing sin says that we don’t trust that God has what’s best for us in his mind or heart. To embrace sin is to reject God’s good design for us.

When we turn to sin, we turn away from the death of Jesus on the cross. Sin does not love us and cannot love us like God loves us.

This is why we need to say no to sin. It will be a constant no. It will be said often. Sometimes it will be harder than others. But we can know for sure that sin doesn’t have our best interests at heart. Despite what sin promises, or how satisfying it appears, sin will only destroy us.

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.
Romans 6:23


One thought on “When you’re tempted to sin

  1. “Sin never satisfies because sin does not love you.” So much truth to your post! Lately, it seems like Satan has been trying really hard on me, and it is such an encouragement to be reminded of what sin is. Sin does not love us, but Jesus does. Sin can promise satisfaction, but it will leave us feeling guilty and unfulfilled. Great post!


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