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#1: Being safe is not normal


[A Five Minute Friday post by Tara Jane]

The walk from work to the train station is a long walk, up a hill, through a park, through the middle of busy streets littered with cafes, clothing stores and the occasional crazy person. But it is a safe walk.

Last night I went for a walk with a few friends and their dogs. It was a warm summer night, and the four of us walked around the block with these dogs for about an hour before returning home, safe.

It’s been so hot this week that every night, we’ve slept with the window wide open. The only barrier between us and the driveway is a flimsy piece of mesh fly screen, with a hole in it. But we have slept soundly.

I’ve just finished reading ‘All The Light We Cannot See’, a novel about World War 2 and the invasion of France by Germany. The characters in that book were not safe. Not in their homes or their towns.

When I catch the news (which, to be honest, doesn’t really happen outside of Twitter or Facebook much), it doesn’t take long to see that feeling safe is a rare thing. Most of the world is in war, poverty, under governments they cannot trust, and suffering.

I am very thankful for the safety of Australia. Even though I live in south west Sydney, where most people say it isn’t safe, I am still a lot safer than other people around the world.

Sadly, the safety I experience is a privilege.

Sadly, being safe is not normal around the world.

Pray for those who don’t experience safety. Pray.

Five Minute Friday is based on a blogging challenge where you set the timer for five minutes and write. No editing, no careful planning, just five minutes of writing whatever is on my mind and then posting. I’ve decided to give it a go in 2017.


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