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Why Destiny Rescue

I recently wrote some blog posts for an organisation called Destiny Rescue and Tara asked me to explain a bit about who Destiny Rescue is and why I like them so much. There are two posts. One on John Brown, here and another on Harriet Tubman, here

Destiny Rescue is an organisation set up on almost every continent that rescues children from sex slavery. They have rescue homes where the kids are looked after and receive, not just medical care and counselling, but a chance to grow up and heal in a safe environment. They are given a vocational education so that when they are reintegrated back into society, they can do so with strong qualifications behind them.

My role in Destiny is as a volunteer advocate. I signed up when I moved to Wellington thinking I’d be joining a team. I soon realised I was the only one in the whole Wellington region. Thankfully there are a few more advocates to work with now. As an advocate I organise events to raise awareness and money for the rescue homes, and give people a chance to take home sponsor kids.tumblr_m3ae8g82ZP1qbatwqo1_1280

There are so many different agencies fighting slavery, each with different focuses. Some work on legislation, others in prosecution. Some focus on domestic slavery or labour exploitation.

There are so many causes that need our attention. The weight of evil in the world can be crushing. Everyone has different causes, and it’s important that that’s the way it is. For me, I chose to fight slavery because I have a particular sensitivity to human dignity and worth not being recognised. All the causes I’m passionate about have at their heart the restoration of self, dignity and worth. Because every person is worth the life of Christ, and should be recognised and treated as such. I believe slavery and the treatment of people as possessions is the most vile affront to a person’s inherent worth.

If you would to find out more about DR, their website is here

Their Facebook page is here

And if you would like to set up a sponsorship, you can do so here


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