May 5th, 2014 – three twenty-something girls decided to try this thing called “blogging” together. One year and one week on, posts are still being updated. It’s a small win, but it’s a win nonetheless. We’re using this as an excuse to celebrate with a bit of a silly reflective piece, sharing what we’ve enjoyed and learned throughout the blogging process, and who we’d go to dinner with if we could go with anyone. Here’s to another 12 months debating in the blogosphere together xx

Tara: What have you enjoyed about the blog? Before I started, I felt like I didn’t really have a chance to come up with conclusions. I had many thoughts about Jesus and life, but didn’t really have any reasons for why I thought the things I did. That’s the thing about blogging, if you’re going to write about what you think, you need to understand why you think it. So I’ve really enjoyed being challenged in this way. Also, I have very much enjoyed the endless Facebook chats with Alie and Chris. The number of times I would come back to my desk to find “54 unread messages” from those two…

What have you learned in the past year? I’ve learned lots about myself, God and blogging in general. The can be a very scary place, especially when you believe something that is against the grain. This is no reason to back down from something you’re convicted on. God has also been teaching me about various things in my faith, some I have blogged on like modesty, others I am still figuring out, like honesty in the church (hopefully will blog on that soon).

Who would you have to dinner if you could invite anyone? The girls said that inviting my friends is a cop-out, but I would really love to have a dinner party with Alie and Chris considering that we’ve only been in the same room together twice! But if I’m not allowed to have them, then I would invite Joss Whedon so that I can grill him about how Firefly should have ended, Kat Williams from http://www.rocknrollbride.com so I can absorb all of her blogging wisdom and super fun vibes, and my sponsor child Annie because it would be fun to meet her and spend and evening with her.

Alie: What I’ve enjoyed about the blog: The almost constant conversations we get into about potential posts or bouncing ideas off each other as we form our opinions – or just talking about Buffy. Getting to know Tara and Christine has been super funsies and it’s weird to think we’ve only met once or twice.

What I’ve learned: This year has been the curviest learning curve. Moving to New Zealand was a huge part of that. Mainstream churches here are a lot more charismatic than in Sydney. That meant constantly having to think through new ideas and new interpretations of verses. Because most of what I was hearing was completely new, my inner theologian couldn’t relax in church anymore, nodding her head in assent at everything that came from the pulpit. Many new ideas I accepted, and just as many I didn’t. But I realised, I should have been that hyper-aware all along. Especially in churches where the theology comfortably fit my worldview. We should always be checking what we’re hearing against the word, even when we agree. Especially when we agree.

Imaginary dinner party: Socrates, because I want to see what he’d make me think about, and he could really help me with my philosophy essay. Louisa May Alcott so we could come up with an alternate ending to Little Women. Jo marrying an old man and never writing again is not cool. Not cool at all. Hareton Earnshaw from Wuthering Heights, because I think we’d be great together.

Chris: What I’ve enjoyed about the blog: The opportunity to discuss and debate with women who have different ideas and opinions. Often you’ll find blogging sites that bring together authors who tend to reinforce each other’s ideas. There is definitely a place for that, but I hope that our blog is an opportunity for people to see that we can think differently and do it in a manner that shows genuine respect and an attempt at mutual understanding, and trust that our readers are thoughtful enough to come to their own conclusions.

What I’ve learned: Blogging is an extremely limited medium for communicating ideas. It doesn’t matter how carefully you phrase your words, the meaning almost always gets lost as readers with preconceived ideas (generally contrary to yours) come along. I’ve realised I need to ‘listen’ a lot harder and that makes blogging quite the exercise. I also can’t expect that people will listen particularly hard to me in return….

Imaginary dinner party: My paternal grandfather, whom I never got to know but who I think is the key to understanding so much of who I am. The apostle Paul, because obviously someone had to go with a cop out Christian answer. Margaret Kostenberger because she’s brilliant (I know my choices are fairly boring but seriously, I want to talk to people I could get some actual sense out of).


4 thoughts on “Blogiversary

  1. Alie, I love what you say about checking against the word especially when we agree! Tell me why you think Jo never writes again? Do you not count ‘Little Men’ and ‘Jo’s Boys’ as sequels?

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    1. Haha, you don’t want to get me started on Little Women. The other day I verbally attacked someone because she said she didn’t like it. When Jo marries Prof. Bhaer (another tragedy) it says she told no more stories except to the boys in her school. Alcott wanted us to be mad that Jo didn’t get to be a literary spinster. She wanted Jo to be single and free but her publishers wouldn’t allow it. Alcott and I have a lot that we need to discuss.

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      1. Oh, how interesting! I did not know about the Alcott / publisher controversy. In Jo’s Boys she does end up having a literary career but resents it because of all the fawning she receives.


      2. Also, when they’re talking about their ‘castles in the air’, Jo does say, ‘I haven’t given up hope that I may write a good book yet.’ Reading that in a whole different light now!


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