Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading #1

Welcome to a new segment called: ‘we haven’t wrangled a post in time, but here are some interesting links’. The links will range from Christian encouragement, to secular food for thought and stuff we generally like. Welcome to our headspace. Enjoy!

For a while now, as I attend more weddings in one year than my non-Christian friends and colleagues will attend in a lifetime, tour the new homes and apartments of friends and as I awkwardly rub the growing stomachs of my pregnant Christian sisters, I’ve refused to sit and wait. From getting involved at church, to making independent financial decisions, understanding superannuation and investing in relationships far and wide. I’m not waiting.

– The three of us discovered Melanie Pennington’s blog this week. We’re hooked. via Melanie Pennington.

– Earlier this year Christine interviewed Steph Judd about her involvement in the Love Makes a Way movement. She was recently featured on a panel for ABC’s Sunday Nights radio show to discuss whether or not this movement was really making any headway. You can listen to the show here.

“I once heard a story about a Christian woman from the East Coast who confronted a West Coast youth-pastor, who allowed “mixed bathing” at youth events. “I can’t believe any so-called Christian leader would allow boys and girls to swim together!” She expressed her concern, all the while puffing on a cigarette. The youth pastor couldn’t help but smile, speechless at the irony.”

– This post is great for those of us who don’t quite fit the Christian ‘mould’. via Relevant Magazine

TIME magazine suggested that the word ‘feminist’ be banned in 2015. The Interwebs reacted, naturally, and our favourite was Feminist Princess Bride. Read this for some much needed lols on a Friday afternoon. via BuzzFeed.

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 2.39.50 pm15 times that Malala nailed it. This little blog just increased my respect for this brave girl. It also makes me question what have I done with my life to improve things for others (not as much as I would have liked, and nowhere near as much as Malala.) The documentary linked under point 2 is great, worth watching! via Global Citizen.

Have a great weekend

Alie, Chris & Tar xx


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