Tara Jane

Introductions: Tara

Christine and Alie promised me two things: I could write whatever I wanted, and it didn’t have to be fabulous. It just had to be about my life, Jesus, and how these two are so tightly woven together they are actually one.

So, what is it exactly that I want to write about?

If there is one common thread in all the rambling thoughts I want to process and post, it is this: JESUS IS RELEVANT. That is the sweet sweet sound of the Christian message. God is not a far away being, he is not sitting on a cloud merely plucking the hairs from his toes while he waits for us to screw up our world and destroy ourselves. God is intricately involved in each one of our lives. His Word, the Bible, has a message of salvation for everyone to hear. Jesus came down from heaven to die for us and restore our relationship with God. A person doesn’t hear the message of Jesus and leave unchanged.

I first discovered Jesus was relevant in year 8. I grew up Catholic, understanding that God existed and that he was a pretty important guy, but not much else. I knew that Jesus had died on a cross, but had no clue what that had to do with me. Then, I learned what sin was. Contrary to my previous thoughts, it was not saying no to people when they ask for help (or when they told you to clean your room). It was actually saying no to God and choosing to live your own way, and that deserves punishment.

Suddenly I realised THAT’S what Jesus had died for – my sins! That’s how he was relevant to me. For the first time in my life, I was certain I could go to heaven. No more wondering if I had been a good enough person to impress God. It was all to do with Jesus’ death.

I made the decision to follow Jesus over ten years ago now. Why am I still continuing to follow him? Because it doesn’t matter whether ten or ten hundred years pass, these are truths that don’t change with time. We are sinful people, and need saving. Jesus is that saviour. He is relevant always.

But what does it mean for the gospel to impact my life, when these days it consists of knitting, podcasts, train trips, cooking, calorie counting, Instagram, Batman pajamas and old television shows? I know God’s word should be shaping my opinions on big issues, encouraging me to be more thoughtful and causing me to take less of a #yolo #partyintheusa approach to life, but how?

It’s intimidating to post this after two excellent intros from Alie and Chris. I probably won’t be blogging much on feminism but I do like talking about sex. I also like thinking about money, health, fitness and diet culture, consumerism and what we watch on TV, so I’ll hopefully start to work out how Jesus impacts these things and write about that.


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