Chris Bransdon

Introductions: Christine

Hey Alie.


Have you read any Christian blogs by younger women that deal with pop culture, women’s issues, stuff you’re generally interested in?

No… Want to start one?

One of the reasons why I find the gospel so compelling (i.e the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, gospel literally means ‘good news’), is that once you know and understand it, it provides a framework for the whole of life. God’s word is living and active, powerful and relevant. Even now. Especially now.

But what does it mean to navigate this world as a young Christian woman? How do I understand sexuality and relationships in a world where Tinder has replaced courtship? How do I engage with the ‘my body, my choice’ catch cries of my generation? Why should I strive for a quiet and gentle spirit when two thirds of the people I follow on Instagram are glamorous fashion bloggers and models who are admired for their eyebrow shape? Does my faith have any bearing on what I watch, read or listen to? Why look to Jesus when the world is infinitely more exciting?

We are three women who love Jesus but live in the world. We want to engage with our culture, and evaluate it. We want to have a conversation and we want to be open and honest. This blog is not designed to encourage you, but we will be glad if it does. This blog is not designed to convert you, but we encourage you to ask questions.

So who am I?

My name is Christine, I’m one of three contributors to this blog. I’m 24 years of age and finally decided to take Jesus seriously while I was at university after a lifetime of Sundays at church.

I’m married to Thom and we live in the heart of Fairfield where I grew up. I’m into film, literature, women’s and gender issues, social justice, politics (somewhat) and dare I say – fashion.

I have recently realised that I am a verbal processor and I hassle most people I know for their opinions on a whole range of topics in order to understand them better. Hopefully this blog serves as a better outlet for me from now on. I blog infrequently at:


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